Stage avec Tom GOLDHAND

mars 2023


Spirals / Grounding / Flying


Spirales, Ancrage & Envol

Description du stage


In this workshop we will interweave three concepts of Contact Improvisation - from grounding through spiraling into higher levels and lifting/flying on our partners.
Spirals can be used as a pathway to allow gravity to take us down in a correct way to the ground or it can be used as a pathway to lift and bring our own center up over a partner.
This pathway connects and allow us to better understand how to ground and how to fly.
This workshop is suitable for all practitioners of Contact Improvisation, and you will learn and improve according to your own level.



(Israel / Netherlands, 1979)


Tom is a dancer and dance maker based in Amsterdam (born in Jerusalem, Israel).


Studied performance art and dance in “Play – school for Improvisation and Theater”, and Contemporary dance in “Hakvutza Beyfo”, in Tel Aviv.


Tom creates dance in the field of Instant Composition and Contact Improvisation and was the co-founder of “Mono-Collective Dance Company” that was based in Amsterdam.


Tom currently teaches Contact Improvisation in the least 15 years to professional and non-professional dancers in Holland and in workshops and festivals around the world.